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Open Source Projects

Open Source Contributions

  • airbrake: The official Airbrake library for Ruby on Rails.
  • airbrake-ios: An Airbrake Notifier for iOS
  • breakpad: A set of client and server components which implement a crash-reporting system.
  • distribution: The Docker toolset to pack, ship, store, and deliver content
  • dotjs: Run javascript hosted in ~/.js in your browser
  • facebook-ios-sdk: Facebook SDK for iOS
  • Flank: 🚤 Massively parallel Android and iOS test runner for Firebase Test Lab
  • go-apns-server: A quick and dirty script to mock the new HTTP/2 interface to Apple's push gateway
  • go-runtime-metrics: Collect Golang Runtime Metrics, outputting to a stats handler
  • galley: Orchestrator for local Docker containers
  • github-services: Official GitHub Services Integration
  • github-tmbundle: TextMate bundle for working with GitHub
  • gh-ost: GitHub's Online Schema Change for MySQL
  • grocer: Pushing your Apple notifications since 2012
  • heroku-pg-extras: heroku pg:ps
  • hubot: A customizable, kegerator-powered life embetterment robot.
  • homebrew: The missing package manager for OS X
  • jubilee: A rack server built upon the high performance vert.x platform
  • kensa: A tool to help Heroku add-on providers integrate their services with Heroku
  • KKGridView: An easy to use grid control for iOS
  • lmctfy: the open source version of Google’s container stack, which provides Linux application containers.
  • nimbus: The iOS framework whose growth is bounded by its documentation.
  • passenger: Phusion Passenger application server for Ruby, Python, Node.js and more
  • Seriously: The Objective-C http library that Apple should have created, seriously.
  • sidekiq-statsd: A Sidekiq server middleware to send Sidekiq worker metrics through statsd
  • Throttle: A node.js app to help test how a website performs on poor network connections.
  • Vagrant: Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.
  • XMPPFramework: An XMPP Framework in Objective-C for Mac and iOS